Why Sean?

Sean is the homegrown candidate in the race for District 78.
Selby is the deeply-rooted Republican candidate who will best represent his fellow Hoosiers in Indianapolis.

Sean believes the unheard voices need to be heard not silenced.
Ranging from the unborn, to those being de-platformed or shadowbanned online, and even to those 78th district who have not had a say in their representative at the Statehouse, Selby favors listening to the voices who have been sidelined and silenced.

Sean believes in the sanctity of human life.
Selby has previously been endorsed by Indiana Right to Life PAC for his committment to the unborn and will remain committed to Article 1 Section 1 of Indiana's Constitution as an officeholder.

Sean believes in the rights of firearm owners.
Selby was also previously endorsed by Hoosier Gun Owners PAC for his committment to firearm rights and will remain committed Article 1 Section 32 of Indiana's Constitution as an elected representative.

Sean does not waver in his defense of liberty, especially on medical issues.
Selby comes from a multi-generational patriotic medical family and as such understands the need for personal medical freedom especially in light of the burgeoning state medical edicts and will work diligently to roll them back.

Sean is long-time small business owner who understands concerns from stakeholders.
Selby is a daily problem-solver assisting his information technology clients and is someone best equipped to understand those other community business leaders who generate the bulk of economic activity.

Sean is committed to the people, not interested in the power brokers dictating to Hoosiers.
Sean knows the long-term danger to our political system, one forged out of the caldron of freedom, when governors declare emergencies 20+ months in a row with no end in sight and he is committed to reining in these powers.


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