Sean Selby was raised in southern Indiana and has lived in both counties that make up the 78th District, being the clear homegrown candidate option for Republican voters on the May 3 primary. Selby comes from a predominently medical family with patriotic tendencies, having been from a long line of physician ancestors prominently serving in the Civil War and World War II. He learned much in the way of these southwestern Indiana values from both his physician father who runs a medical practice in the district and his late grandpa who served in Gen. Patton's 3rd Army before becoming a highly regarded surgeon in Vincennes.

Sean and his wife Dana have been married since 2009, having met as camp counselors in 2003 at Camp American, dedicated to civic education focusing on our Christian heritage in the United States.

A business owner for more than 20 years, Selby runs his self-built information technology consulting firm integriCORE that he started back while attending high school before the turn of the millenium. He got his start by helping numerous teachers at Castle High School with their technology needs as widespread computer technology adoption was still in its infancy. He even purchased the original school domain name and was asked to co-coordinate the first ever web team to build the website by his teacher Paul Gunn.

His advanced government teacher Stan Harris nominated Selby to represent the school for Hoosier Boys State program organized by the American Legion and put on at Indiana State University. He served as the flag bearer of the group, having previously been the designated flag raiser at Sharon Elementary School by Principal Lee Raimey during more formative years. During high school, Selby participated in the Academic Honors program at Castle High School as well as We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution high school program. As a signal member of his group section, they were able to advance regionally, statewide, and achieved a 4th place in the nation for understanding our civic system as judged by prominent legal minds.

Sean Selby received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005 from the University of Southern Indiana majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems and a Minor in Political Science. A Dean's List recipient in college, Selby was inducted into the Eagles Leaders program at the University of Southern Indiana upon entrance. While there, he started the USI College Republicans in 2001, serving two terms as Executive Chairman and being prized by the Student Government Association president as the "most active organization on campus". In 2002, he was the only participant to receive a standing ovation from students for his words citing Martin Luther King, Jr. having been invited to co-panel a public conversation on ethnic issues with fellow campus group leaders and professors.

Sean Selby has a long-time committment to community with decades of participation with local organizations. This includes serving Restoring Our Heritage in various roles ranging from board member, administration director, and fundraising booth chairman for the Fall Festival organized by the West Side Nut Club and Tri-Fest organized by the Lions Club.

Sean and his wife Dana attend Barnett Chapel located in Warrick County.


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