Endorsed by:

Bruce Ungethiem
Vanderburgh County Commissioner (President), District 2

"I'm very excited that [Sean Selby] agreed to take this step of public office...I believe that Sean is a conservative, principled leader...he brings a lot of valuable knowledge of government and a conservative principle-centered focus...and I believe we can work very well together...I look forward to him being on the commission with me..."

Dale McCuiston
Former Vanderburgh County Commissioner District 1 Republican Candidate

John N. Hostettler
Former 6-term 8th District Congressman

Jim Banks
Indiana State Senator, District 17 and Indiana Republican Congressional Nominee, District 3

Jim Tomes
Indiana State Senator, District 49

David Christmas
Vanderburgh County Perry Township Advisory Board Member & Republican Precinct Committeeman

J.D. Strouth
Vanderburgh County Republican Precinct Committeeman

"He is respectful, intelligent, inquisitive, and definitely a conservative Republican...Sean does have the great ability to make a great county commissioner who can win in November...please vote for Sean Selby for Vanderburgh County District 1."

Christopher Politano
Vanderburgh County Republican Precinct Committeeman

"I am writing to commend Sean Selby as the best candidate to vote for...Vanderburgh County District One Commissioner.  Sean has a great balance that makes him an ideal candidate for public office. Namely, he has been a diligent student of the principles of Republican government but also has personal experience as a successful small business owner. Thus, he understands the balance that must be struck to simultaneously keep government small, but also promote a favorable environment for business to flourish."

Tom Bozikis
Vanderburgh County Republican Precinct Committeeman

"We have the opportunity to 'select' someone who holds to true republican values...Sean, thanks for running."

Christopher Judy
Indiana State Representative, District 83

Jason Arp
Fort Wayne City Councilman, District 4

Brad Rogers
Elkhart County Sheriff

Matt Dillon
Wabash County Councilman, District 3

Chris Albertson
Former Scott County Councilman, District 4

Jim Pfaff
Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Tim Heulskamp

"Selby is a strong leader who will get government off our backs."

  Indiana Right to Life PAC

Hoosier Gun Owners PAC

Paid for and Approved by Friends of Sean Selby.
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