Executive Leadership Skills for a County Executive

Leading the Way Forward

Beyond being a small business executive, Sean Selby would bring decades of experience in civic leadership and local community organizations to the position of Vanderburgh County District 1 Commissioner if elected. These leadership endeavors include Leadership Institute, Hoosier Boys' State, Youth Leadership Forum, Eagle Leaders, and more. Selby has been involved with such local nonprofit organizations as Restoring Our Heritage, Salvation Army, Evansville Rescue Mission, Right to Life of Vanderburgh County, Habitat for Humanity, Evansville Christian Life Center, and more.

A Brighter, Freer Future

Frequently on the campaign trail, Sean encounters the concerns of residents over the restrictive regulatory overreach in Vanderburgh County whether it is building structures on properties, rehabing existing structures, signage for businesses, and more. Part of strengthening Vanderburgh County's position in encouraging the right type of growth going forward will be addressing these local regulatory hurdles which are contributing to business failure and resident emmigration.

Improving Our Local Economy

Business and Job-Friendly

As a local small business owner of more than 15 years, Selby understands the importance of a favorable business climate in creating jobs. As part of his information consulting business integriCORE, he works regularly with all types of business leaders in Vanderburgh County who know how to best run their businesses to keep the lights on and keep people employed. This and his own experience makes Sean Selby best suited to know how to work with fellow business owners to attract companies to Evansville along with the all-important jobs and the tax base they bring with into the county.

Roads and Infrastructure

In the county of Indiana's 3rd largest city, the proper construction and maintenance of roads plays a vital role to our local economy and is essential to the right kind of growth we need in Vanderburgh County. As one of the most important roles of government being good roads, we also need a voice that will represent better long-term planning along with someone who will take a common sense approach to roads. It will also be important to see that the I-69 Bridge project continues and that good working relationships are strengthened between all the parties of local, state, federal, and Kentucky officials to achieve completion for that project.

Responsibility to the People

Fiscal Responsiblity

As a small business owner, Selby understands the frustration of fellow hard-working taxpayers who must balance their books at the same time it seems that government exempts itself from that responsibility. He will work with the Vanderburgh County Council and fellow Vanderburgh County Commissioners to ensure the best and most cost-effective solutions are achieved because he takes that fiduciary responsibility extremely seriously. Local government does not have the luxury that the federal government does with a printing press and must 'live within its means'.

Wise Use of Tax Dollars

The hardworking taxpayers of Vanderburgh County understand the critical importance of fiscal responsibility to local government. In fact, Selby recently spoke before the Evansville City Council to express his concerns about their efforts to raise property taxes on all of Vanderburgh County by relaxing the homestead property tax relief and expenditure rates (violating the inherently American concept of 'no taxation without representation'). In fact, for a number of months he has been warning people that the county would eventually be bailing out the city if it continued its fiscal mismanagement. It was as if they did not recognize that spending was responsible for the shortfall and now the rest of the county is bearing the brunt of a bailout, which Selby also had been concerned about. These new taxes will bring with them long-term negative repurcussions affecting all of the county. We need leadership that understands these issues thoroughly, will advocate on behalf of county residents, and will not perpetuate continued bailouts to pay for pet projects.

A Fresh, Principled Perspective

Fresh, New Ideas

A business owner for more than 15 years, Sean Selby is firmly committed to bringing that private sector, outsider perspective to benefit Vanderburgh County as the next commissioner. Even as an outsider, Selby has fostered great working relationships with elected leaders and officials at various governmental levels that will benefit representing the people of Vanderburgh County. It is clear that there is a significant deficit of basic economic knowledge at many different levels and Selby intends to bring those fresh, new ideas to making Vanderburgh County an even better place to work, raise families, and live.


Selby is committed to doing right by the people first and foremost. He will not be subject to the wishes of any particular special interest group, official, or financial institution as the next commissioner. The people recognize the genuine need for statesmanship and responsive leaders to address the real problems before us and ensure we have critical-thinking, problem-solving leadership that exercises common sense.

Standing Up for Our Shared Values

  • Pro-Life

    Officially endorsed by Indiana Right to Life, Sean Selby is the only in the candidate to receive a passing grade from the Right to Life survey and an A+ at that. He has attended numerous Right to Life events within the area, including the prayer chains and banquets. Commissioners frequently are involved with ordinances that involve decisions locally involving these issues and it is important to have someone who understands the value of human life representing this office.

  • Pro-Gun Rights

    Selby is endorsed by Hoosier Gun Owners and Indiana's most pro-gun legislator State Senator Jim Tomes. He has attended numerous meetings of the 2nd Amendment Patriots for over a decade, is a hunter, and has assisted in bringing in speakers like Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt to local events in the past.

  • Pro-Property Ownership and Rights

    The United States continues to lead other industrialized nations in respecting the rights of private property owners. It is what fosters the unparalleled growth for our business community when used as collateral which then leads to more and better products, services, jobs, and more. It's also ideal to encourage private property ownership when possible because of the societal benefits derived from residents with an 'ownership mentality'.

    “As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” -  
    James Madison

  • Pro-Free Enterprise
  • Centuries of economic activity shows that the free market is the best allocator of capital resources we have ever seen, so the only public functions should be those essential government services that simply cannot be performed by the free market. We also know that keeping the government from interfering in the free enterprise system allows competition to thrive and provide for the tax base which provides those government functions. Government should be akin to the referee and not a player in the game that chooses winners and losers.

Committed to the Right Things

  • Low Taxes
  • Indiana has shown in comparison to neighboring states that a proper economic foundation stems from a low-tax haven allowing commerce and industry to flourish. By opposing the tax and spend that have not worked in the past, we will be better poised to encourage entrepreneurship and small business development.

  • Roads
  • A resource that we all use, our roads must be properly maintained and planned to provide the adaquate infrastructure to encourage the right kind of growth for Vanderburgh County.

  • Job-Creating Business Environment

    Business owners know that long-term job creation happens when the right conditions are set in place for long-term business growth. More and better jobs will be generated naturally if allowed to thrive in the right kind of business-friendly environment.

  • Less Regulation

    Our regulatory environment significantly dampens the ability of both business owners to improve their businesses and property owners to improve their land which both help to increase the value of Vanderburgh County. So, we must work to reduce as many of these unnecessary resrictions to remain competitive with neighboring counties, otherwise people and businesses will vote with their feet and relocate. We have actually talked with people on the campaign trail who have already felt compelled to leave, so we need to roll back unnecessary regulations.

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