It was truly an honor to be your principled, conservative, leadership candidate for Vanderburgh County Commissioner (D1) on the November 2016 ballot. Despite our best efforts, we came up short in the end. Our campaign was outspent by more than 5-to-1 and we were in the race for less than half the time of our competitor yet, due to the incredible support of fellow residents, we were only 1.2% away from winning. We could not have pulled off such a close race without all of your incredible support and I thank you so very much for that.

Unsure where the road takes us now, I do know for sure that the timeless principles of limited government, low taxes, individual liberty, and conservative values will absolutely deserve a proper defense because as it is often said "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance." I hope to see you soon on those travels and may God bless all of you that we were fortunate to meet during the campaign.


Sean Selby

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