Sean Selby Bio

A Vanderburgh County small business owner for over 15 years of his technology startup integriCORE, Sean Selby highlights his executive experience as a critical distinction for the next 1st District County Commissioner. While his participation in the political periphery goes all the way back to age 15, this commissioner race marks his first successful nomination as a candidate and for that he is humbled by the support of his fellow precinct committeemen. Selby has served in various capacities exclusively within the Republican Party including poll book holder, state delegate, precinct committeeman, youth coordinator, campus organization chairman, campaign manager and everything in between.

He married Dana (Junge) in 2009 and lives in the 1st Commissioner District in Knight Township on the northeast side of Evansville. A graduate of the University of Southern Indiana in 2005, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems and a Minor in Political Science. He was a participant in the Academic Honors program in high school and was a Dean’s List recipient in college. He also established the still-active USI College Republicans in 2001, was re-elected Executive Chairman in 2002, and was very active in the Indiana Federation of College Republicans.

Selby has been involved in numerous community and leadership efforts over the last two decades. These include being nominated for such activities as Hoosier Boys’ State, We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution, Camp American counselor, and others. He has been involved in leadership organizations such as USI’s Eagle Leaders program as an advisor, twice a graduate of Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, and an inductee of the National Youth Leadership Forum. Selby has participated in advocacy and charitable Vanderburgh County organizations such as Restoring Our Heritage, Right to Life of Southwest Indiana, Habitat for Humanity, Evansville Rescue Mission, Evansville Christian Life Center, Aurora of Evansville, and others.

His vision for Vanderburgh County includes an emphasis on common sense and conservative values in representing the county as the next county commissioner. He iterates the need for low taxes, limited government, putting roads first, and a favorable business climate that creates jobs to make Vanderburgh County a better place to live and work. Selby also highlights the importance of someone who understands and respects the lives, liberties, and properties of their fellow citizens when serving as our next Vanderburgh County Commissioner from the 1st District.

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